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Acrylic paint pouring, paper crafts, jewelry making, and altered art are just a few forms of art we love. We have learned that beauty often comes the unexpected, to embrace the results and sometimes less is more.  We work together to show others how to create their own art masterpieces while enjoying time with family and friends.

Our family is also involved in the other aspects of our business including the production and maintenance of our website, customer service, social media contact, scheduling of events, and more. We are ever improving and expanding while creating art inspired by life, love, adventure, and family.

Erika is a mixed media artist who loves to learn and try new things, creating the products and projects displayed throughout this website. She also is learning how to maintain the website and manages the email list.

Sarah helps to manage our social media outlets, helps to market our events, and works our “check-in” table at our acrylic paint pouring parties and classes.

Adam helps manage and work our craft fair events, ships products from our online store, and helps us by keeping our supplies in-stock.

Geof manages the overall business, helps to determine which events are best for us to participate in, helps promote and teach our acrylic paint pouring parties and classes.

Kandra, Erika’s sister, manages and updates our website and makes sure Erika stay’s on track in our online world.

paint pouring
Erika Kandra 2016


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