Acrylic Paint Pouring Classes & Parties

Create memories and take home your very own masterpiece!

Acrylic Pour Classes & Parties at Your Home or Business. 

  • Birthdays
  • Baby Showers
  • Wine Nights
  • Corporate Events & Team Building

WARNING: Acrylic art is extremely addictive!
Be prepared to have a fun time and be amazed at how much creativity you possess. Come prepared to have lots of fun!

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Acrylic paint pouring is a form of painting that uses fluid acrylic paint. No paint brushes are used (unless you want to).
It’s fun and easy to do! Our classes cover several techniques used to achieve different results. 

Create memories and take home your very own masterpiece!

Acrylic Paint Pouring Classes & Parties are a fun way to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, bridal party, bachelorette party, church group, work group, anniversaries, family reunions or as an activity to do with family and friends. 

Classes & Parties usually run 1-2 hours based on the number of people attending and are suitable for anyone ages 10 and older. We supply all of the materials needed to create the take home masterpiece, you only need to supply the tables, the snacks and the people.

It’s messy. It’s fun. It’s Art!

Please note that painting can be messy. Don’t wear your favorite clothes! We will provide the supplies needed for you and your friends to create one masterpiece each:

  • pans to collect excess paint
  • table covers
  • floor cover (if needed)
  • paints and pouring medium
  • gloves and aprons
  •  misc supplies

Customize your class.

When you register to host a class or party, you will be asked to choose the technique to be taught. If you are unsure, don’t worry! We can help you decide was will work best for your event:

  • Flip cup
  • Dirty pour
  • Tree ring pour
  • Balloon smash
  • Swipe technique
  • Flip and drag technique

About Desert Hippie Arts

We are a family based business that aims to express the natural beauty in all art forms. 

Painting, paper crafts, jewelry making and altered art are just a few forms of art we love. We have learned that beauty often comes unexpected, to embrace the results and sometimes less is more. All of our creations are similar to snowflakes, each one is one-of-a-kind and unique. We take the time to produce all of our pieces by hand, insuring strong color schemes and quality.

Our family is also involved in the other aspects of our business including the production and maintenance of our website, customer service, social media contact, scheduling of events and more. We are ever improving and expanding.

  • Erika is a mixed media artist who loves to learn and try new things. 
  • Sarah helps manage social media and marketing events. 
  • Adam helps manage the events and our online store. 
  • Geof manages the overall business and helps to determine which events are best for us to participate in.
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