Big Red​ Acrylic Paint Pour on Large Canvas

Big Red is a super fun acrylic paint pouring project on a 30″ x 24″ canvas that I created using eight 8oz. Cups of acrylic paint. I had a lot of fun working on this, can you tell? It has a lot of movement and shapes. My son said he saw a crab in the blue corner and a ghost in the white edge. What do you see?

I used several shades of orange, green, blue, red, and a little black and white. When I layered the cups I did add the same amount of each color into each cup except when I reached the tops. I was running out of paint!

Desert Hippie Arts Big Red Acrylic Paint Pouring

I used all of my premixed acrylic paint for this project! 

For my acrylic paint pouring projects I like to premix my paints and put them into condiment pour containers. My paints last a long time and this allows me to create projects quickly.

I did use a lot of paint on Big Red. It took several days to dry and it still had that “heavy” feel to it when picked up. As I was working on it, because of how much paint I did use it was very easy to move the paint around. I did not get a lot of stretched, out of place cells but I did get natural movement with the colors inter-mixing.

When Big Red dried completely it was much lighter and I was happy that the cells stayed in place. Big Red still gives a fluid motion effect even with the dried paint. It looks like a different painting with each direction we turn it.

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Acrylic Paint Pouring Level 1 Desert Hippie Arts
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