How to Color or Dye Resin, A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

Desert Hippie Arts How to color and dye resin for beginners

I recently became a contributing writer with the website. My first project was to write an article on How to Color or Dye Resin Step-by-Step. This is a beginners tutorial to resin and resin art. Although this was a very lengthy project I thought it was fun. I was able to research more on how to color resin, I learned what I don’t like to use to color resin and I have met some new artists along the way.

Here is an excerpt from my article:

Being able to color or dye resin opens our imaginations and allows us to create more depth in our projects. Clear resin makes our art shine while giving it more dimension, but color brings us a whole new world of possibilities and excitement.

While it may seem like there is an endless number of options to color or dye resin, it is best to start with the supplies you have on hand to learn the technique. Once you have an understanding of how resin works with color, then you can invest in and explore other options.

I have created a video on coloring resin and I thought it would be helpful to share it with you so that you can learn from my experience. In this video, I use 10 different methods to color and dye clear epoxy resin.

Coloring and dyeing resin is a simple and easy process. Follow the directions provided by the resin manufacturer as you mix the resin. Once mixed, you can then add the desired color into the mix. The rule of thumb is to add no more than 5% color to the clear resin or 1-part color to 20 parts resin. Once done, stir thoroughly.

Erika Tenney,

I created a downloadable guide to accompany the article

I thought it would be fun to create a downloadable guide to accompany the article I created. This guide contains all of the information included in the article and is 14 pages. I have made this a FREE guide available in my market: CLICK HERE!

How to color or dye resin step by step DESERT HIPPIE ARTS

This is a free 14-page downloadable guide for How to Color or Dye Resin Step-by-Step. This guide is from an article written by Erika Tenney and posted at

Files are provided for your personal use; please ask before you use them commercially and under no circumstances can you sell any of these files.

Table of Contents

  • Watch our YouTube tutorial HERE!
  • Products you need to color or dye resin
  • Best surfaces to use colored or dyed resin on
  • How to color and dye resins – a step by step tutorial
  • Common mistakes people make coloring resin
  • Tips and tricks for coloring and dyeing resin
  • Don’t use these to color or dye resin
  • What types of resin can you color and how do they differ?
  • Shop for supplies in our Amazon store!
  • For more information and to follow our journey, visit us online

Addtional Resources to Assist You

I have created some videos that I hope will help you. In these videos, I learn more about resin, how to clean and re-use gloves, and what to use to color resin, and what NOT to use! I am working on creating more videos so SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL on our YouTube Channel so you can stay notified when they get uploaded!

Let me know what you think!

I would love to hear what you think about this article. I am very excited to be working more with and creating more articles. What topics would you like to learn about? Send me a note and let me know!

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