The ULTIMATE Resin Artist Gift Giving Guide | A Resin Artist Buyer’s Guide & Supply List

When my family and friends ask, “what can I give you” I usually say a Michaels Arts & Crafts gift card or a Visa gift card so that I can go buy the supplies I need for my art. Every year I keep hearing how gift cards are too generic of a gift to give. I thought it would be nice to send a list to my family and friends to purchase those supplies for me directly.

I created this Gift Giving Guide from a list of supplies that I use in my studio and LOVE to receive as a gift! Most of these items are replenishable and to have them in stock in my studio makes these items top priority! I have also included “add-on” items to help you create an amazing gift idea for your loved one!

Supplies you can GIFT to the RESIN Artist in your life!

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The number one thing that all resin artists need is RESIN! The Art Resin brand is a high-quality resin designed for artists of all skill levels!

  • Easy to use 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • UV and HALS stabilized for unparalleled yellowing protection.
  • Safe for home use when used in a well-ventilated area.
  • No VOCs. No BPA. No fumes. Non-flammable.
  • High-gloss. Self-leveling. Formulated specifically for the art.
  • Made in the USA.

HERE is the Art Resin in a smaller 32 ounce package.

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Another favorite brand of resin is the Art Coat from Stone Coat Countertops. It is effortless to work with, mixes well with alcohol inks and pigment powders, and has a 45 minute working time!

HERE is a smaller 1/2 gallon package.

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Using paper or plastic cups to mix resin is a thing of the past! Not only are they expensive to keep in stock, but they are bad for our environment and landfills. All resin artists prefer silicone mixing cups.

Silicone mixing cups are super easy to clean and reuse, making these a MUST HAVE item in every studio!

410HUZMtAeL. SL250

This mixing cup set contains more options to mix and color resin! It comes with:

  • SILICONE MEASURING CUPS: BPA-free, 3pcs 100ml graduated reusable silicone measuring cups, smooth, durable nonstick lining, flexible body, and flexible spout measuring beaker silicone cups.
  • MINI NONSTICK SILICONE CUPS: BPA-free, 5pcs epoxy resin cups with a volume around 10ml for small amount liquid mixing use, with a long and deep spout for precise transfer purpose.
  • STIRRING STICKS TIP STICKS FINGER COTS:: 10pcs 5.4” epoxy mixing sticks and 10pcs 6” tip sticks to puncture the resin bubbles.
  • PLASTIC TRANSFER PIPETTES: 5pcs capacity 3ml, length 6.1” clear plastic dropper.
31q061B31JL. SL250

A torch is a valuable tool in resin art. It helps to warm the resin, release the air bubbles, and can be used to push the resin around the surface.

I have this particular torch in my studio and my travel kit. It is super easy to use, easy to fill, and sturdy.

ADD-ON: Don’t forget the fuel!

41es7ehvNaL. SL250

Alcohol ink is used to color clear resin. These silver and gold metallic alcohol inks are perfect to use in all resin art pieces!

This kit contains a funnel and refillable containers that make it super easy to use the inks without using too much.

ADD-ON: Don’t forget the rest of the colors! Here is a starter that can be added and make a great gift.

815AKoovADL. AC SL1500

Pigment powders are an easy way to create colored resin. This set contains 50 vibrant colors of pigment powders that will last for several projects. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. 

Coloring resin is easy to do! Here is my Step-by-Step guide (which also includes a free eBook to download!)

711uHx2H1rL. AC SL1500

ColourArte is one of my FAVORITE brands of pigment powders to use! The colors are bold, vibrant, and mix super easily into resin!

This set is PERFECT for any resin artist! It contains:

  1. Vivid “PolyPour “Clear Enamel- Varnish Blend Acrylic Tint-able base perfect for the bloom technique
  2. 12 15ml jars of Brilliant water-soluble color- milled with mica
  3. 25- measuring scoops improves accuracy when mixing your own paint

51hS3TAwKL. SL250

When working with resin, many artists will tape the bottom of their surfaces to help clean up when they are done.

I love this Frog Tape! It is strong enough to hold onto my projects but easy enough to remove when I am ready. It doesn’t leave a residue, and it comes in a storage container to help keep the tape clean and dust-free.

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Hand drills are a convenient tool in resin art. Being able to drill holes into finished resin pieces for necklaces and keychains are just a couple of examples of how useful this tool is.

81tBX2RxO3L. AC SL1500

Adding sparkle to resin projects has never been easier! This set contains three beautiful, metallic flakes to be used in resin projects.

  • High Quality & Decent Quantity: Made of premium gold-plated copper leaf, aluminum leaf, copper leaf, THIN & LIGHTWEIGHT, not easy to fade and oxidize, shiny and fabulous. Packed full in 3 nice jars, 10g/0.35oz per jar, decent quantity for your abundant DIY art projects.
  • Premium Tweezers Included: 1 pair of tweezers provided, made of stainless steel, high quality, sturdy and long-lasting. Help handle the shiny foil flakes and other crafting materials like sequins, nail stickers, dry flowers, etc., an indispensable tool for various art projects.
413GpYNCk7L. SL250

Leafing pens help create beautiful accent lines in resin art and resin Geode art. Once the project has cured, draw lines with the metallic pens and then add a clear resin layer to seal the color in.

18K Gold Leafing Pen

Silver Leafing Pen

Copper Leafing Pen

91rho2UcL2L. SL1500

Adding glitter has never been easier! Mix it will clear resin, or try mixing with colored resin for some subtle sparkle effects.

This set comes with 12 colors that are made with high-intensity pigment and holographic shine- shining and lightweight.

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