Let’s Face It! **SUPER FUN** 3D Acrylic Paint Pouring

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3D Acrylic Paint Pouring

Hi everyone! I have been seeing some 3D acrylic paint pouring art techniques and I thought I would try something new. I purchased some paper mache masks from Amazon (https://amzn.to/30L0ArC) and adhered them to the canvas. Once adhered, I poured the acrylic paint on top of the mask… WOW!

Super fun! This video shows how I created 3 versions of the 3D acrylic paint pouring masked art. In each version, I tried different ways to adhere to the mask. I definitely like the last version better. In all three versions, I mixed my paint with Floetrol in a thicker consistency than warm honey. I poured the paint using the Ribbon Pour technique. Tell me what you think!

Here is the timeline with notes:


04:41 Since this was my first time painting on the mask, I thought it turned out very well!

I used regular copy paper to fill the eyes and secured the paper to the mask with hot glue. I also used the hot glue to adhere the mask to the canvas.

Once the hot glue from the mask dried, I mixed my paint to a consistency thicker than warm honey and layered the paint in an 8oz. plastic cup. I pour the paint slowly over the mask until the paint covered the entire surface.

I did tilt the canvas a little bit because I used A LOT OF PAINT, lol!

I loved watching this piece come to life and the only thing I did not like about the final result is how the mask showed gaps when the paint dried. Acrylic paint dries flat, dark, and matte. Once dry, all of the details of the gaps were visible and a distraction from the dried piece.

This is what my first mask looks like completed. After the acrylic paint dried, I used a crystal clear spray paint to seal and protect the paint. When the clear spray paint dried, I decided to add some embellishments to help hide the areas I did not like.

I arranged some paper flowers around the top of the head and some twine ribbon around the bottom of the head. I secured these embellishments with hot glue.

I LOVE this final result! What do you think?

3D Acrylic Paint Pouring Mask Art Green Multi 1

04:13 For the second mask I am using Modeling Paste (https://amzn.to/3iBJhiU) to help fill the gaps between the mask and the canvas.

This was my first time using the paste. You will see how I am learning how to work it into the eyes and around the base of the mask. This definitely worked well! I let the paste dry 12 hours before I added the paint pour.

13:04 Once the paint had dried, I decided that this mask was too dark. I decided to pour over the dried paint using less black and adding Metallic Gold instead.

What a difference! I love the effects the gold created. Using a second coat of paint also helped hide any imperfections from the texture paste that I did not like.

This mask looks elegant and regal and with the crystal clear spray paint, and the gold adds a subtle shimmer that adds to the elegance.

Lets Face It 3D Acrylic Paint Pouring Desert Hippie Arts 1

16:56 The third mask was a bit more fun to create since I have already completed my experiments. I decided to build on what I learned from the first two masks.

This time, I decided to not fill in the eyes and to leave them open. I didn’t want the bright white back of the mask to be seen so I painted it black. I did a light wash of black paint on the canvas so I could see the modeling paste better.

I did not use a glue gun to adhere to the mask, the modeling paste holds the mask to the canvas. This technique worked very well and saved some time by bypassing the hot glue gun.

When I poured my paint on the canvas, I made sure that the entire surface was covered and I let the paint drip into the eyes. I tilted a little bit to help get the excess paint off.

When it dried, I used a crystal clear spray paint to seal and protect the paint. This mask looks like a spirited work of art and it is exciting to see the paint inside the eyes.

Here are the supplies I used:

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