My Favorite 5 Color Combinations

My favorite 5 color combinations

Acrylic Paint Pouring is so much fun but it can be a little frustrating trying to decide on what colors to use. Our time and resources are valuable but our art projects should be fun! I do love experimenting with color but there are times I also like to create a quick painting and have the colors already planned out. Selecting colors is just one part of the process. The order that you layer the colors in your cup or the order you pour your colors on your canvas is also important.

I wanted to share with you some swatch samples that I created from some of my paintings that I hope will help and inspire you. These are my favorite five color combinations that I have used several times with great results. I encourage you to try out these color combinations in your techniques and see how they work for you. Feel free to download them or bookmark this page for easy and quick reference. Send me your results so I can see how you did!

My Favorite 5 Color Combinations Angel Among Us
My Favorite 5 Color Combinations Lavender Bliss
My Favorite 5 Color Combinations Mermaid Waves
My Favorite 5 Color Combinations Starburst 2
My Favorite 5 Color Combinations Gold Rush

Color Combinations and Schemes Volume 1

Trying to decide what color combinations to use can be a challenge and sometimes I feel like I overthink what to use. When I was first learning how to acrylic paint pour I had my color wheel out and I would select my colors by turning the wheel and selecting the different coordinating options. 

I felt like the colors were “ok” but lacked something special. That’s when I started to look at the colors in nature. By choosing colors from photos or from the outdoors, my paintings started looking and feeling better.

As a special thank you for supporting my website and my art, I have created a free downloadable guide that contains the information and color combinations listed above as well as 18 additional color combinations that I have created from photos and images of our natural world. CLICK HERE to get this free guide.

I love creating these schemes and I will be creating more of these free guides. Please subscribe to my mailing list so that you will be notified when the next volume comes out!

Color Combinations and Schemes Desert Hippie Arts 1

Would you like to learn more about basic acrylic paint pouring techniques?

I have written a beginner’s step-by-step instruction guide for the Flip Cup, Dirty Pour, Tree Ring, Puddle Pour, Dip Pour, and Swipe fluid art techniques. This is a 48-page eBook in PDF format that you will need Adobe to download and open. The file is 9.6 MB.

Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques

Additional Resources to Assist You

I have put together a blog post that provides some additional information to help you learn acrylic paint pouring. This post includes information about our FREE resources as well as some problem-solving tips with cracking and crazing. CLICK HERE to go to our Beginners Guide to Acrylic Paint Pouring post.

Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

I have created some videos that I hope will help you. In these videos, I show you how I create my art pieces, the techniques I use, and more. I am working on creating more videos so SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL on our YouTube Channel so you can stay notified when they get uploaded!


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