Beautiful No-Sew Purse Ideas using Fluid Art Techniques

No-Sew Purse using Fluid Art Techniques Desert Hippie Arts


Hi 👋🏼 I have been inspired by my online communities to create a handmade purse using my Acrylic Paint Pour Canvas art. These No-Sew Purse using Fluid Art Techniques are so much fun to make! Here are a few examples of how to make a purse no sew that I have created that I hope inspires you to create your own.

Sewing is not new to me, but I wanted to find NO SEW purse patterns way to make my purse because some people are uncomfortable with a sewing machine. I hope this video tutorial helps you and gives you some inspirational ideas.

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Begin this project by selecting a 20″x10″ (or larger) Acrylic Paint Pour Canvas Masterpiece that you have created. Using a craft knife, carefully cut the canvas off the wood frame.

Using a straight edge, “square up” your canvas. This does not need to be perfect; just as close as possible.

To create the front flap, I used a roll of Frog Tape to trace the curved corners and then cut them to shape. Then, I used a book and folded the canvas around the book to create the body form, and I cut off the excess canvas. I then slid out the book, traced the sides of the purse onto the extra canvas, and then cut these two shapes out.

Using hot glue, I glued the side pieces onto the body of the purse. Then, I decided to add ribbon and bling stickers to trim one of my purses and eyelets with ribbon to trim another bag.

Add a magnetic clasp and the shoulder strap, and you now have WEARABLE ART from your original Acrylic Paint Pour Masterpiece!

Have you created a wearable art masterpiece? I would LOVE to see your work! Join me in my Facebook group and share your images.



I am having so much fun creating fluid art purses and tote bags that I decided to try a resin clutch bag version. I found a resin clutch purse mold kit on, and I bought it. When I received it, I realized I needed to purchase a second kit because it only came with one mold, and I wanted to work on the front and the back of the purse simultaneously. I was glad I purchased the second kit! In this resin clutch tutorial, the molds are similar to the sides of a resin box that will be glued into the frame after the resin has cured.

I love the colors I selected for this project, especially the gold flakes resin (gold leaf flakes that I stirred into clear resin). I applied this after I added color to the sides. Then I used the colored resin around the gold leaf resin. It turned out simply beautiful! Let me know what you think! What colors would you use in your resin clutch purse?



Creating with resin is fun, but learning how to safely use it is crucial. Believe it or not, safety is one of the most commonly overlooked steps when working with resin. I know I wanted to jump right in and start creating, but I quickly learned that I needed to read up on the safety measures so that I could enjoy this medium for years to come. Here are a few basic safety guidelines to review before you start working with resin:

Erika DesertHippieArts small
  • Well ventilated area. Working in a room with good circulation and/or open windows is crucial. Some resins emit fumes that can be toxic.
  • Gloves. Yes, there is a thing called resin allergy. Wearing gloves is the easiest method to help with ongoing and prevent future skin conditions while working with resin.
  • Respirator. Protecting your lungs is a top priority. Wearing a respirator provides consistent protection to your lungs while working with resin. 
  • Clean spills immediately. Don’t let resin sit on your table or floor. Use paper towels to scoop up as much as possible, then use denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean up any remaining residue.
  • Safety goggles. Goggles help prevent unexpected splashes from touching your eyes, but they prevent you from touching your eyes. If you are like me, you will touch your eye without thinking. Getting resin in your eyes is dangerous. If you get resin in your eyes, flush with water repeatedly and seek medical attention immediately!
  • Apron. Aprons help prevent resin from getting on your clothes and then absorbing and touching the stomach. When working, you can easily focus on your process and not even realize resin has touched your belly for 5 minutes or more!



Begin this project by mixing the resin according to the directions provided by the resin manufacturer. These directions are usually on the bottles. Do not skip this step or try to quicken the process!

Once the resin is mixed, divide it into smaller portions and add your colors and gold flakes. Be creative in this step and try adding glitters, foils, beads, metal charms, etc.

Now it is time to fill the mold. I like to start by adding either clear or colored resin to the sides of the mold. The sides are usually the most challenging area to fill, and it is easier to fill them first thing so you can maintain the design on the face of the molds.

After the sides are filled with resin, it is time to work the face of the mold. I like to start by adding the gold flakes and then the colored resin around them. Be creative and have fun with this part!

Once you have added the resin to the face of the mold, you can either add a little heat from a heat tool/torch or spritz it with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to help release air bubbles. Use care when using these tools and follow all instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturers. . DO NOT combine the Isopropyl Alcohol with the torch; the Isopropyl Alcohol is flammable.

Cover and let cure for 24 hours. Once the resin has cured, it is time to demold. . These molds are relatively simple, and the resin should release quickly.

Using the E6000 Adhesive, glue the resin to the metal purse frame and let it dry according to the directions on the package (I let mine dry for 24 hours). Attach the shoulder strap and enjoy your new wearable art masterpiece!

Have you created a wearable art masterpiece? I would LOVE to see your work! Join me in my Facebook group and share your images.



No-Sew Purse using Fluid Art Techniques
No-Sew Purse using Fluid Art Techniques
No-Sew Purse using Fluid Art Techniques

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