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Resin Beach Tray
Watch how we created this resin beach tray on our YouTube channel!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our first day of DIY Gift Giving ideas that you can create. Fluid Art is so much fun, and with the holidays upon us I thought it would be fun to share with you 10 of my favorite DIY gift-giving ideas so you can create beautiful gifts for your family and friends.

Each day I will post a new idea for you to get inspired from. I will list the materials I used that include links for you to purchase them yourself. Each post will have a video that I have created so you can see how I completed the project, step-by-step. As always, contact me with any questions or comments on this post, or comment on the video post on our YouTube channel.

Are you ready to get started with our first project? Let’s create a Resin Beach Tray!

BONUS: I decided to add a little bit of extra fun into our 10-day event. I will be giving away the Resin Beach Tray that I created in this post and video! The give-away instructions are detailed at the end of this post.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. This means that if you make a purchase clicking the link, I will earn a small commission as no additional cost to you! This helps maintain our website and allows us to continue to help you learn more about Acrylic Paint Pouring. Click Here to read my full disclosure policy.

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Resin Beach Tray Mold

I purchased a serving tray mold through Amazon and I thought a beach scene would be fun to make. What is awesome about this mold is that it already comes with a set of handles.

Here are the supplies I used:

This resin beach tray took me three days to complete, and I think the results are STUNNING! I worked in layers, and I let each layer cure 24 hours before I started the next. I created a video of my process, and you can view it HERE.


Creating with resin is fun but it is important to learn about how to use the resin safely. Believe it or not, safety is one of the most commonly overlooked steps when working with resin. I know I wanted to jump right in and start creating, but I quickly learned that I needed to read up on the safety measures so that I could enjoy this medium for years to come. Here are a few basic safety guidelines to review before you start working with resin:

Erika DesertHippieArts small
  • Well ventilated area. It is crucial to work in an area that has good circulation and/or open windows. Some resins emit fumes that can be toxic.
  • Gloves. Yes, there is a thing called resin allergy. Wearing gloves is the easiest method to help with ongoing and prevent future skin conditions while working with resin.
  • Respirator. Protecting your lungs is a top priority. Wearing a respirator provides consistent protection to your lungs while working with resin. 
  • Clean spills immediately. Don’t let resin sit on your table or floor. Use paper towels to scoop up as much as possible then use denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean up any remaining residue.
  • Safety goggles. Not only do goggles help prevent unexpected splashes from touching your eyes, but they prevent you from touching your eyes. If you are like me, you will touch your eye without thinking. Getting resin in your eyes is dangerous. If you do get resin in your eyes, flush with water repeatedly and seek medical attention immediately!
  • Apron. Aprons are great to help prevent resin from getting on your clothes and touching the stomach. When you are working, you can get easily focused on your process and not even realize resin has been touching your belly for 5 minutes or more!

The Process: Day 1

The first step is to put on your gloves, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and use a respirator (optional). It’s time to mix your resin! You can use any resin brand name that you have on hand. I am loving Unicone resin, and I have plenty of it in my studio. It mixes easily and it does not hold onto air bubbles.

The tray mold I am using holds approximately 12 ounces of resin. Since I am working in layers, I am only mixing 6 ounces of resin for my first layer. Read the directions on the bottle for exact mixing instructions.

SheeleeArt15DHA Desert Hippie Arts

Once my resin is mixed and ready to go, I will mix sand and my colors: Aquamarine, Cobalt, and Sky Blue Dispersion colors from Counter Culture DIY. I have found the easiest way to mix colors is to add a small amount of resin into the cup with the color and mix thoroughly. Once the color has mixed then add the remaining amount of resin.

Now that the sand and colors are mixed with the resin, it is time for the FUN part…adding them to the mold! I like starting with the sand because in previous beach projects I have gotten carried away with add too much water. I pour the sand across the mold to my desired thickness and then I start at the top of the mold with the Cobalt color, then the Aquamarine, and finally the Sky Blue colors.

Screenshot 2020 11 10 083504

Once my colors are in the mold, I want to start to blend them a little. I will drizzle small amounts of color into each other, and then I will take my hand and gently run it through the colors to pull the colors into each other. Be gentle, you do not want to mix the colors into each other. You want to pull them into each other to help show the natural colors of the ocean.

Adding heat will help thin the resin, and will help the colors pull and blend into each other.

SheeleeArt15DHA Desert Hippie Arts

Once you are satisfied with the water effects, it is time to add the handles. I took my gloves off for this because I do not want resin on my handles. Gently place them in your desired location, and make sure they can stand on their own. You do not need additional adhesive or screws to secure them because the resin will secure them once it has cured.

Now it is time to cover your resin beach tray and let it cure for at least 24 hours.

Screenshot 2020 11 10 102335

The Process: Day 2

Now it is time to add the second layer. I am mixing 6 ounces of clear resin according to the directions and the only color I am mixing today is the white for the waves. Only a small amount of white is needed for the waves. It is important to remember that with the white color, LESS IS MORE!

Add enough clear resin to the mold to cover the previous layers of color and sand. This will create a workable area for our white waves. Use the heat gun to help thin the resin and spread it. Be mindful of the edges and around the handles and make sure the clear resin covers those areas as well.

SheeleeArt15DHA Desert Hippie Arts

You can add your embellishments to the tray now, or you can add them after the white waves have been formed. I like to add mine before the waves. I think this helps create the look of the waves crashing on the rocks. I am using rocks, small seashells, large seashells, and starfish for this project.

Once the clear resin has covered the layers and your embellishments are in place (optional), use a small amount of the white color and drizzle it across the tray avoiding touching the hands.

Screenshot 2020 11 10 102524

Use your heat gun to warm up the white resin, and you will start to see it thin and blend with the clear resin. This is a slow process so be patient and enjoy watching your scene form.

You may add more clear resin if needed. This will help push your waves, and drizzling it over your embellishments will act like a glue to help secure them to the tray.

Once you are satisfied with the look, cover your tray and let it cure 24 hours.

The Process: Day 3

Now it is time for my FAVORITE part…. demolding the resin! This resin beach tray is easy to demold, especially compared to some of the smaller projects I have worked on.

Securely hold the tray in one hand and gently peel the mold away from the resin, losing around the edges first with your other hand. Once removed, give your project a good look at the back, around the edges, and front. Double-check that the handles are securely in place.

What are your plans for your new Resin Beach Tray? I decided that I wanted to enter mine in a giveaway!

SheeleeArt15DHA Desert Hippie Arts
beach tray 1


I am so excited to be able to offer this Resin Beach Tray as a gift for our 10 Days of Fluid Art DIY Gift Giving event! Please complete the information below and share it with your friends!

This event will run from November 20, 2020 through November 30, 2020. I will select and announce the winner by December 10, 2020. I am also including FREE shipping of this tray to any U.S. address.

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