Wonderful Chaos Acrylic Paint Pouring on Canvas

Acrylic Paint Pouring Wonderful Chaos

I am so glad I recorded this process. I am having so much fun watching the video and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Wonderful Chaos is an acrylic paint pouring project on an 11″x14″ canvas using 6 colors and a toilet paper roll. That’s right, a toilet paper roll cut in half! 

Watch how the colors flow out from under the roll and create a wonderful chaos of color and fun! 

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Supplies Used

Process Summary

  • Mix all of your colors with the pouring medium to get them to a fluid consistency.
  • Add a puddle of paint and place the toilet paper roll in the center.
  • Start adding your colors and watch them flow from under the toilet paper roll.
  • Remove the toilet paper roll when ready and tilt the canvas slowly. 

Have fun!

Are you getting started to learn about acrylic paint pouring?

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