Wood Heart Bloom Pour | INSPIRED by the Sheelee Art Technique

Bloom Pour Wood Heart Sheelee Art

Hi everyone! For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create a little something special. I am loving the ColourArte pigments I received as a Christmas gift and I wanted to use them with this project. The colors look so vibrant and bold! I love how these turned out.

This project is inspired by the Sheelee Bloom Pour technique. I am excited to share with you a little bit of information on how you can take the same class I took AND if you use this code at checkout:
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Here are the main supplies I used for my Sheelee inspired Wood Heart project:


There are several steps that need to be completed before I can start to paint. I need to create a Cell Activator, I need to create a Pouring Medium and I need to mix my paints. The Cell Activator is the final layer of paint that is added that helps create the cells and lacing effect. The Pouring Medium is the mix that is added to your paints that allows the paint to flow across the painting surface.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 153350

Creating my Cell Activator: I am using 1-part Golden Titanium white and 1-part water for this project.

This mix needs to be thinner than other paints, dripping off the stick. This does take a little bit of time to mix. Add more water as needed.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 153544

Prep my Pigment Powders: Add 2 scoops of pigment powder to the 3-ounce Dixie cup with a small amount of TriArt Liquid Glass to “wet” the powder.

Mix thoroughly until the powder has dissolved.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 153724

Create the Pouring Medium: My recipe for creating the pouring medium for this project is 2-parts untinted base paint to 1-part TriArt Liquid Glass. Mix both ingredients in an 8-ounce cup.

Be sure to scrape the bottom and the sides of the cup to ensure it is mixed thoroughly.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 152613

Create the Paint: My recipe for mixing the paint is to mix 1-part Paint to 2-parts Pouring Medium. Since I have already prepped my pigments powder in the 3-ounce Dixie cup, I will add 2-parts of my pouring medium to the Dixie cup and mix thoroughly.

The paint should be the consistency of a heavy cream that will flow off of the stick. Add splash water, if needed.


What you will need:

  • Cell Activator: See the recipe listed above.
  • Paints Mixed with Pouring Medium: See the recipe listed above.
  • Pillow Paint: Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint White
  • Painting Surface: 9″ Wood Heart

The fun starts once your ingredients are ready! Pour your pillow paint in the middle of the wood heart. Layer your colored paints on top of the pillow paint. Add your Cell Activator and then blow the paints starting in the center of the puddle and out towards the edges in a spiral.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 153016

Once you have let your paints rest a moment, now it is time to SPIN! You will need to spin your piece 2-3 times depending on how fast you spin and how much paint is on your surface.

What I usually do is give the piece one good spin and then take a look to see how the design is turning out before spinning again.

Screenshot 2021 01 28 153141


Sealing your paint is an important step that should not be skipped. This step can be scary because you have already put in a lot of work to get this far. If not done properly, sealing can “break” your project. You can use pourable sealers, resin, or sprays. I have had huge success using Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear Enamel.

Make sure that your paint is dried completely. If it is dry to the touch, most likely it is not dry in the middle near the wood surface. I let my hearts sit for two weeks before I sealed them.

You will want to do this step in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. You should also consider wearing a face mask respirator to help prevent any damage to your lungs.

IMG 7099

I placed my wood hearts on upside down Dixie cups and then I sprayed a layer working up and down, then I sprayed the sides and then left to right.

The spray dried within 20 minutes and then I looked to see if another layer was needed. Repeat if necessary.


I wanted to give my hearts a little extra embellishment. While the possibilites are literally endless for what I can do with these wood hearts, I decided to try to keep it simple so that my paint pour design can be front and center.

I added some twine ribbon around the perimeter of the hearts and added some paper flower embellishments along with a cute burlap butterfly. I screwed in some eye screws and added some twine ribbon as the hanger. For this project, I think the embellishments completed the look and I am excited to hang them up and show them off to my friends!

What do you think about my Wood Heart Bloom Pour Inspired by Sheelee Art Technique project idea? CONTACT us and let us know!

Wood Heart Bloom Pour Inspired by Sheelee Art Technique

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