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Hi everyone! Welcome to our first day of DIY Gift Giving ideas that you can create. Fluid Art is so much fun, and with the holidays upon us, I thought it would be fun to share with you 10 of my favorite DIY gift-giving ideas so you can create beautiful gifts for your family and friends.

Each day I will post a new idea for you to get inspired from. I will list the materials I used that include links for you to purchase them yourself. Each post will have a video that I have created to see how I completed the project, step-by-step. As always, contact me with any questions or comments on this post, or comment on the video post on our YouTube channel.

Are you ready to get started with this project? Let’s create Wood Heart Frames!

BONUS: I decided to add a little bit of extra fun into our 10-day event. I will be giving away the Resin Beach Tray that I created in Day 1 of our 10 Days of DIY Fluid Art Gift Giving event! The give-away instructions are detailed at the end of this post.

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For this project, I selected three of the wood heart frames I purchased at Michaels Arts & Crafts. After selecting the paint colors I wanted to use for each frame, I mixed my paints with 3 parts Floetrol to 1 part paint. I wanted to use a different paint technique on each frame so that they will be unique.

Wood Heart Frame metal prongs and photo template
The metal prongs holding the paper heart cutout to you will want to use as a template for your photo.

The first step is to take out the heart cutout that is in the photo window. You will want to keep this cutout to use it as a template for your photos when you are finished.

Once the cutout is removed, make sure the metal prongs holding the cutout are pulled back against the frame. This will make it easier to paint the opening.


00:14 Wood heart frame: I painted the frame white to help cover the wood grain and inconsistencies. I layered grey, white and black paint into a small 3 oz dixie cup, and then I poured onto the wood frame using the Tree Ring technique. I made sure I added some paint around the heart so that it would be easier to cover. Make sure that when you tilt the frame that the paint goes over the heart cutout edges. This will help give a clean, finished look when completed. You may also paint the back of your frame a solid color if desired.

Tree Ring technique for Wood Heart Frames
The Tree Ring technique: Layer your cup with the paint colors and then slowly pour the paint into a puddle making slow, small circles. Once the paint has poured, tilt the frame to “stretch” out the rings.
Tree Ring technique for Wood Heart Frames
The stretched tree rings give unique effects that show motion making it fun to look at!

01:44 Wood heart frame: I painted the frame black to help cover the wood grain and inconsistencies. I used the Swipe technique for this frame. I selected four colors and added one drop of silicone into each color. After I gently blended the silicone into the colors, I alternated the colors on the frame. I added white to the top as my swipe color and then pulled the white down over the rows of colored paint lines.

Swipe technique for Wood Heart Frames
For the Swipe technique, add one drop of silicone oil if desired. Layer the colors on the frame and put the white swipe color at the top. Using a chipboard (or any other swipe tool), gently pull down the white color over the layers of color. Repeat until you have “swiped” the entire surface.
Swipe technique for Wood Heart Frames
Cells will be created from this technique. You can tilt the frame to help stretch them or you can leave it as is. Remember, the cells tend to grow on their own!

04:08 Wood heart frame: I left this frame unpainted with no base-coat. I used the remaining paint in the cup from the first frame, and then I added colors from the second frame. I used the Ribbon Pour technique with this frame.

Ribbon Pour technique for Wood Heart Frames
For the Ribbon Pour technique, layer your colors in your cup and then slowly pour all over your frame in no particular pattern.
Ribbon Pour technique for Wood Heart Frames
Once you have poured all over your surface, you may tilt your frame or leave as is.


Once your frames have been painted and dry, it is time to finish them. There are several ways to do this, but I have found the easiest and fastest way is to use crystal clear spray paint. I set up a table outside and place the frames on 3-ounce dixie cups. I spray a thin layer of paint on each frame vertically and then horizontally. I let them dry for about an hour (I’m in Arizona, it’s a dry heat, so things go a little quicker than cooler areas.) Once dry, I repeat for the second layer. If needed, I will add a third layer, but two layers usually work fine.


Your wood heart frame comes with a cutout template you can use to cut out the photo. You removed this template at the beginning of your project. Put your template behind the photo and look at it in front of a light to see what your photo will look like once cut. Once it is in position, flip your photo over and trace the template. If you are having trouble keeping the template lined up while you flip, place a small piece of tape in one area to hold the template to your photo.

Once your template has been drawn out, cut out your photo and place it in the frame. I always keep the template behind the photo in case I want to change the photo in the future. This also helps strengthen my photo, especially if I use copy paper to print on.

Wood Heart Frame photo template
Put your template behind the photo and look at it in front of a light to see what your photo will look like once cut.
Wood Heart Frame photo template
Flip your photo over and trace the template.
Wood Heart Frame photo template
Once the template has been traced, cut it out.

What do you think about our Wood Heart Frame gift idea? Contact us or comment on this post. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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